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Glytsh: Ferocity Incarnate

Perfectly blending heavy rock with industrial noise, Glytsh sound like the love child of Trent Reznor and K.Flay, with added shred guitar. The grooves are heavy and the vocalist screams like a wildcat, what more could you ask for?

Normally I find a lot of the industrial and heavy rock scenes to be quite obvious, they are heavily male dominated and after hearing Glytsh it is clear the girls have got something the boys don't. Their latest track "(Hard)core Memory" is a monster of a song, with brutally heavily guitar tones that I would expect to hear on the DOOM Eternal soundtrack. Yet Glytsh understand what so many bands don't. Dynamics. It isn't just a riff salad the whole way through, the verses are distinct with industrial synths and hip hop flavoured beats. The vocal performance is also incredibly versatile, swapping effortlessly from rapping, whispering, and blood chilling screaming. I'm also glad to see the amazing guitar performance, Glytsh prove that they can shred circles around any male guitarist with incredible solo's, The production is also stellar, I can hear every instrument in its correct place and the tones, particularly in the rhythm section are mighty!

What most impressed me was the music video, the fact that a completely unknown independent band can create a video of this quality astounds me. I love the use of lights here, keeping the band mostly obscured by darkness while the pink, purple and black effects in the background add an intense mood. And these women go hard here, no camera-shy nervousness as I would expect from a new band. The sound, the imagery, the performances, everything is wonderfully intense. Clearly Glytsh aren't here to mess around if they are putting out content on this scale.

Glytsh are onto a winning formula here, but I will note that I hope they stretch their creative legs and come out with a dynamic full length LP soon. I love this sound, but I am curious to hear what these powerhouses can do with some different atmospheres over the course of a full album. I'll be waiting with bated breath. Check out Glytsh on all streaming platforms and as always...

Peace, Love & Cowbells,


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